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Plant of the month: Cyclamen

Tips For Taking Care Of A Cyclamen

Cyclamen plants are known for their attractive and sweet-smelling heart-shaped blooms. They are also known for being a bit temperamental! However, as long as you meet their particular requirements, cyclamen are pretty easy to maintain. Because they prefer cooler temperatures, most people find them easiest to grow indoors. However, planting them in the garden is an option as long as your local climate and garden conditions can provide or mimic their ideal environment. If you want to grow them from seeds, start the seeds indoors. Your cyclamen will produce lovely blooms throughout the winter while the rest of your garden lies dormant.


  1. Temperature: Cyclamens do not like heat. Don’t expose them to temperatures below 4°C or higher than 25°C.
  2. Light: Give the cyclamen bright, indirect light in winter. While your plant is dormant during the summer, keep it out of bright light.
  3. Soil: Cyclamens are very tolerant of diverse soil types and are not too concerned with the pH, although they prefer a slightly alkaline soil.
  4. Watering: They are a bit fussy about watering, so it’s best to let the soil dry out between waterings, but not so that the plant wilts. When the pot feels light or the soil feels dry just below the surface, water thoroughly and let it drain. Pour out any water left in the saucer so that the soil doesn’t stay waterlogged.
  5. Care: To keep the plants blooming, remove flowers as they finish by cutting the stems near the base of the plant. Also remove yellow and withered leaves.

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